@ 2012, Cuna Andrea   P. IVA  10962400015

I love both art and science, fantasy and robotics, and since my childhood I’ve always enjoyed reading and inventing stories. Since I was young I’ve always loved animation. I’ve spent countless hours watching cartoons on tv (movies and series). and when I discovered Compuer Animation, I knew it was what I wanted to do in my life. I love Computer Graphic, because I think it’s the perfect way to develop all of my passions at the same time. So I’ve studied classical 2D art, 3d and animation, and I’ve produced short movies to exercise and to be production ready,

and because I have a lot of fun doing it! I’ve also worked as a freelancer animator for various projects, and my clients have always been really happy for the results and my professionalism.I would like working in a studio with a lot of other animators and 3d artist, to create an enjoyable show. I would like learning from lead and senior animators to became a better animator. I would like working with other artists who likes 3d Art as much as I do, to learn from them and spend my working days with people who shares my passion for 3d art.