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Ohkaunit (www.ohkaunit.com) (april 2008 - august 2012)

Character modeller, rigger, animator and compositer (Maya) in 2 short test animations (30 seconds and 90 seconds) realised for an international animation company based in Italy.
Architectural and forniture modeller and cloth dynamics setupper in 3ds Max, (but I've also learned lighting and shading with VRAY, and postproduciton with Photoshop), for both still images and architectural flythroughs.

Fisheye Studio (2011)  http://youtu.be/bo7TBrRr134

Modeller, rigger and animator for an over 1 minute web spot for the insurance company Venetassicura.

aracter animator in 2 short educational movies for children (4 minutes each)named “You resemble me”. They are about the social relationshipbetween young male and female children.